Momentology Media, LLC
Owner & Title:
Malaika Simmons
Business Genre:
Business Summary:
Malaika Simmons, founder of Momentology Media, and creator of The Momentology Method is a TEDx speaker, 2x Toastmasters club president, human-centered design strategist, innovation consultant, and co-author of two books, including the Amazon bestselling “The Success Blueprint” with Brian Tracy, and “Entrepreneurial Elevation”. Her mission is to increase empathy for global impact. As a Performance Strategist and Executive Coach for driven, high-performing women, Malaika uses her proprietary framework to support them in getting the pay, promotions, and prestige they deserve without sacrificing their authenticity and integrity.
About My Business:

Momentology Media, LLC provides thought leadership, motivational speaking, empathy-based corporate training, design thinking, and executive coaching services.

Organizational Transformation

  • Executive Decision Making
  • Leadership Development Training
  • Business Process Reimagining

Design Thinking

  • Human-Centered Design Consulting
  • Workshops

  • Speaking
    • High Performers and Leadership Training
    • Webinars
  • Coaching
    • Executive Coaching and Team Building
    • Small-Group Coaching
    • Train-the-trainer

For individuals, whether you’re looking to step up, speak up, level up, I can help you find your voice, build confidence, and leverage the skills and time you already have (and where to find it if you don’t). You can achieve great things, you can lead a momentous life, and I can show you how!

For organizations, I help your teams and leaders flourish, make tough decisions, create innovative solutions and build sustainable practices using empathy-based solutions for more productivity and profit.

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Business Mission:
To empower 1000 women to empower 1000 women. Globally. To help people and organizations increase performance and productivity through insight and impact.
Business Vision:
To be an organization that is the standard-bearer for human transformation.
My ideal customer (s):
High Performing executive women and mission oriented organizations seeking to make an impact through innovation and integrity.
My 5 to Thrive:

Podcasters, course creators, media hosts, meeting planners, human resource executives.

Business and Marketing Projects I'm Interested in Collaborating On:
Conferences, Speaking engagements, Podcasts, Contract teaming
What I bring to the table to make partnering with me worthwhile:
Innovation strategic thinker who can inform, entertain and elevate your audience, your group, your employees or yourself. I seek to serve and to solve, and there are many ways to success.
What I need prospective collaborative marketing partners to bring to the table to make partnering with them worthwhile:
A desire to impact women to create spaces for growth and greatness and a genuine care for service.