Financial Literacy

Concierge Financial Group | CFG Agency
Owner & Title:
Constance N Craig-Mason
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Business Summary:
Financial Wellness Coaching | Personal & Business Insurance | Retirement Strategies
About My Business:

We marry positive beliefs, emotions & daily money habits with financial literacy fostering a shift in our client’s financial well-being! We teach our clients how to effectively manage their money, so they can create options and leave a legacy, not a liability to their family. We empower our clients to live the life they want without worrying about money!

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Business Mission:
Concierge Financial Group is a hybrid financial services company that serves the financial literacy, coaching and financial services needs of our clients. Our mission is to connect our clients to financial freedom and equip them to create options in their lives and for generations to come.
Business Vision:
Our vision is to be a national leader of financial literacy, coaching & risk management for our personal & business clients.
My ideal customer (s):
Small business owners, Women, middle income families
My 5 to Thrive:

Government, HR, Podcasters, Women Leaders, Business owners with 5+ employees

Business and Marketing Projects I'm Interested in Collaborating On:
Co-Author books, Conferences, Magazines, Interviews, Keynotes
What I bring to the table to make partnering with me worthwhile:
I am a relationship builder by nature. I love to create and encourage win-win-win opportunities. I am full of connections and resources and love to strategize and find solutions for a myriad of areas.
What I need prospective collaborative marketing partners to bring to the table to make partnering with them worthwhile:
A great spirit of sisterhood, resources, flexibility.